everyone deserves to get happie!
happie sparkling water
happie sparkling water
happie sparkling water

happie is the better choice

Happie is a carefully balanced sparkling water using select minerals to bring out the robust flavor of our organic ingredients. Each can is infused with 25mg of hemp extract and is designed to promote a healthy state of being.

Only 15
Per Can

Cheery Cherry

The perfect balance of sweet and tart with just the right amount of fizz. C’mon, get happie!

The O.G.

Groovy Grapefruit

The Original Grapefruit (O.G.) is where it all started. People love the perfect balance of citrus and herbaceous notes. Let’s see that happie face!

Staff Fave


Our staff loves the crisp lime flavor and perfect balance of citrus and herbal notes. Do your happie dance!

the relentless pursuit of happiness

There’s a reason it’s a right.

You can tell the ones who choose to pursue happiness.

They’re the ones having fun.

Happy people know how to have a good time.

Happy people strive to do good, to be good, and to spread joy wherever they go.

They create their joy by challenging themselves to do more, be better.

They take responsibility and make choices that contribute to their well being.

Happy people are the ones that dare to pursue happiness.

Everyone has it in them.

That’s why we made Happie.

It’s a better choice for those that choose to pursue happiness.

Full Spectrum Happiness

Happie brings together mood boosting flavors, ocean-sourced minerals and organically-grown hemp for a healthy state of mind.

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